Finally, an Audiobook for THE UNBOUND EMPIRE!

I’m absolutely thrilled to finally be able to announce that there will be an audiobook for The Unbound Empire! For years, the single question I get asked most often has been “When will there be an audiobook for The Unbound Empire?” And every reply has been so hard, because the truth was that my publisherContinue reading “Finally, an Audiobook for THE UNBOUND EMPIRE!”

News Roundup: 2020

As I continue to consolidate my webpage, here’s my news roundup from 2020, the year The Obsidian Tower released! The Obsidian Tower was included in several wonderful Best of 2020 lists, including these from Fantasy Book Reveiw,, BookBub, Fantasy Book Cafe, and The Fantasy Inn Locus magazine selected The Obsidian Tower as a staff pick! The Obsidian Tower was includedContinue reading “News Roundup: 2020”

How I Accidentally Wrote a Love Triangle [SPOILERS for Swords & Fire!]

OKAY it’s been long enough since THE UNBOUND EMPIRE came out! I’m finally ready to make my tell-all post about Amalia’s romance arc in the Swords & Fire series! WOOHOO!!!!!! GET READY!!!!!! BUT! This is SUPER SPOILERY. DO NOT READ THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOU FINISH THE UNBOUND EMPIRE. I mean it! You will beContinue reading “How I Accidentally Wrote a Love Triangle [SPOILERS for Swords & Fire!]”