How I Accidentally Wrote a Love Triangle [SPOILERS for Swords & Fire!]

OKAY it’s been long enough since THE UNBOUND EMPIRE came out! I’m finally ready to make my tell-all post about Amalia’s romance arc in the Swords & Fire series! WOOHOO!!!!!! GET READY!!!!!! BUT! This is SUPER SPOILERY. DO NOT READ THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOU FINISH THE UNBOUND EMPIRE. I mean it! You will beContinue reading “How I Accidentally Wrote a Love Triangle [SPOILERS for Swords & Fire!]”

Swords & Fire Fan Art (& More) Contest!

There is NOTHING I love more than fan art, so I’m having a contest! Prizes will at minimum include an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of my new novel in the Swords & Fire universe, THE OBSIDIAN TOWER (not out until June, but you can get it early if you win)! Plus, I’ll add more prizesContinue reading “Swords & Fire Fan Art (& More) Contest!”

WorldCon 2019 Schedule

I’ll be at WorldCon in 2019 in Dublin this August! It’s my first WorldCon and I’m so excited! I’ll be on two panels and doing one signing. Here’s my official schedule: Fantastical travel guide Format: Panel 15 Aug 2019, Thursday 15:00 – 15:50, Liffey Hall-2 (CCD) Autographs: Thursday at 17:00 Format: Autographing 15 Aug 2019,Continue reading “WorldCon 2019 Schedule”

Writing Goals for 2019

It’s 2019! Woo hoo! A new year! I like to set writing goals (rather than resolutions, which are WAY too all-or-nothing for my taste) for each new year, to give myself a direction to focus my energies. I know I won’t completely achieve every one of these to the fullest extent, but I’m going toContinue reading “Writing Goals for 2019”

One Year of Published Authorhood!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the US publication of THE TETHERED MAGE. I’ve now been a published author for one whole year! WOO HOO! If you want to get in the time machine, you can read my original post about my debut release  (with pictures). But I thought that in honor of this anniversary,Continue reading “One Year of Published Authorhood!”

Why Completing a Trilogy is Terrifying

Last month I turned in my second round of edits for THE UNBOUND EMPIRE! This means that while there are still more rounds of edits to go, the story itself is more or less finalized. What ultimately happens to these characters I’ve written about for three books is unlikely to change. I have, essentially, finishedContinue reading “Why Completing a Trilogy is Terrifying”

Dramatic Tension

(Yet another in the series of Twitter threads I’m translating to blog posts! Enjoy.) So I know I talk a lot about how you need compelling conflict and stakes to have a gripping story. But on a line-by-line and page-by-page level, what keeps me reading is their more nebulous cousin, dramatic tension. Basically, dramatic tensionContinue reading “Dramatic Tension”