Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which should I read first, the Swords & Fire trilogy (starting with The Tethered Mage) or the Rooks & Ruin trilogy (starting with The Obsidian Tower)?

A. You can read them in either order! The two trilogies take place 150 years apart with different characters, and are largely unrelated aside from taking place in the same world. I did everything I could to keep Rooks & Ruin free of spoilers for Swords & Fire and to make sure it didn’t rely on the reader coming in with any knowledge about the previous trilogy. Swords & Fire is a bit more political intrigue and fancy balls, while Rooks & Ruin is a bit more magical secrets and spooky castles (though all those things appear in both trilogies); if you don’t have a personal preference and definitely intend to read both, I might start with Swords & Fire, but either order works fine.

Q. Do the Swords & Fire characters show up in Rooks & Ruin, and will you write more about the Swords & Fire characters?

A. Well, Rooks & Ruin takes place 150 years after Swords & Fire, so there aren’t many characters who could still be around! Rooks & Ruin is a new story focused on new characters, and while there are a few references and easter eggs for Swords & Fire readers, as of Book 2 (which I’m wrapping up as I write this FAQ) no Swords & Fire characters appear on page. As for more about the Swords & Fire characters, I love them and certainly wouldn’t be opposed to writing more about them someday, but I also have lots of other stories to tell!

Q. Will there be an audiobook for THE UNBOUND EMPIRE?

A. I am doing everything I can to pursue an audiobook! It’s really important to me that my audio readers can finish the story. Because I don’t own the audio rights, I unfortunately can’t make an audiobook happen myself, or I would have already done so. I’m very hopeful that there will be an audiobook someday, and in the meantime, thank you so much to my audio readers for your patience!

Q. Are your books okay for kids/teens?

A. My books are published as adult fantasy (not YA or kid/teen fantasy) in English. That said, there’s nothing in them I’d personally consider inappropriate for teens, and some of them are published as Young Adult in other countries. Whether they’re a good fit for any given kid or teen will vary. (For instance, Swords & Fire is full of political intrigue, which some kids may find compelling and others may not.) To get more specific, there are some dark moments, violence, and character death, but nothing I’d consider beyond the scope of what you’d find in YA books. The romance doesn’t go beyond kissing and there’s no sexual assault in any of my books.

Q. Are your books queer?

A. They all take place in a queernorm world with multiple queer characters. Swords & Fire has major bi rep and assorted other LGBT+ supporting characters (but the POV character isn’t queer). Rooks & Ruin has a bi main character and significant lesbian, ace, and nonbinary characters, among others.

Q. How can I get a signed book?

A. Right now, I occasionally sign books at events I attend, and I sometimes donate signed books to charity auctions and the like. Sometimes other opportunities will arise, and I’ll usually post about them on Twitter and sometimes here as well.