BEHOLD this absolutely glorious cover designed by Lisa Marie Pompilio with art by Peter Bollinger! I love it SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Design: Lisa Marie Pompilio. Art: Peter Bollinger

I have been incredibly fortunate to get absolute cover SORCERESS Lisa Marie Pompilio for all my books so far. Every time I think “She can’t possibly match the last one, it was SO GOOD,” and every time she and the incredible, breathtakingly talented artists rise to the challenge.

I love so many things about this cover! I love how tactile it is, all the BONES, the nods to previous books, the little subtle hints about things in this one! I’m so extremely excited to finally be able to share it with all of you!!!

I also can’t wait to share the book itself, but alas, we must wait until December for that. (I’m working on copyedits even now!) You can preorder it now, though!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve just learned that The Tethered Mage ebook was picked as a Kindle Monthly Deal, and will be on sale on Amazon US for the month of March for $2.99!

Better yet, Barnes & Noble appears to be matching that price, at least for now, if you prefer to buy from a bookstore!

If you’ve been thinking of picking up the ebook, now is a great time to grab it!

Also, a huge, heartfelt thanks to all my readers for giving this little book enough staying power that it’s still drawing this kind of interest nearly five years later even though it was never a big splashy marketing kind of title. Your word of mouth has made all the difference. Thank you!!!

News Roundup: 2021

Concluding my news roundups from previous years, here’s a roundup of some of the news from 2021, the year that The Quicksilver Court released! 2021 being the year that it was, some may have slipped through the cracks.

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  • The Obsidian Tower made this list by Geek Girl Authority of underrated books of 2020!
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News Roundup: 2020

As I continue to consolidate my webpage, here’s my news roundup from 2020, the year The Obsidian Tower released!

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News Roundup: 2018

As I update my web page, I’m combining my News and Posts pages, and consolidating old news into these roundup posts to archive them! Here are all my news posts from 2018, the year THE DEFIANT HEIR released.

The Tattooed Book Geek and Every Day Should Be Tuesday included me in their lists of Top 10 New-To-Me Authors in 2017!

The Book Smugglers included THE TETHERED MAGE on their list of the Best Books of 2017!

Fantasy Cafe included THE TETHERED MAGE on their list of their favorite books read in 2017!

The Fantasy Hive included THE DEFIANT HEIR on their list of most anticipated fantasy books of 2018!

Unbound Worlds included THE DEFIANT HEIR in their 52 in 2018 Sci-Fi & Fantasy reading challenge!

The Fantasy Cafe included THE DEFIANT HEIR in their list of Anticipated 2018 Speculative Fiction Releases!

Fantasy Book Critic included THE TETHERED MAGE in their list of top debuts of 2017!

My Twitter thread on fighting in ballgowns went viral, and was featured in The Mary Sue, among other places.

Kirkus posted this article by Thea James on sequels in 2018, inspired by THE DEFIANT HEIR.

THE TETHERED MAGE has been longlisted for a Gemmell Award! (And its cover, too!) I am incredibly honored to find THE TETHERED MAGE on the list for a Morningstar Award, along with many other amazing debut authors.

The Library Ladies published this lovely review of THE DEFIANT HEIR!

THE DEFIANT HEIR is on this list from Unbound Worlds of the best SFF books of April 2018!

THE DEFIANT HEIR is on this amazing list from of 15 books to look forward to this spring!

THE DEFIANT HEIR made the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog’s list of the best SFF coming out this April!

THE TETHERED MAGE is on this great list of 10 books for Harry Potter fans from PopSugar!

The Tenacious ReaderPowder and Page, and Fantasy Book Review published great reviews of THE DEFIANT HEIR.

CultureFly picked THE DEFIANT HEIR for their list of the 15 best new fiction books to read this spring!

Blue Book Balloon,  Girls in Capes, and The Irregular Reader published lovely reviews of THE DEFIANT HEIR!

Check out this wonderful review of THE DEFIANT HEIR from!

THE TETHERED MAGE was shortlisted for a Morningstar Award!!! 

Fantasy Cafe posted this amazing review of THE DEFIANT HEIR!

THE DEFIANT HEIR made the list of the best books of 2018 so far!

Locus posted this review of THE DEFIANT HEIR.

See the reveal for the gorgeous cover of THE UNBOUND EMPIRE, Book 3 of Swords & Fire, at Girls in Capes!

THE DEFIANT HEIR appears in this BookRiot list of 20 books that put the F/F in SF/F!

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THE TETHERED MAGE made the BookNest Fantasy Awards longlist for Best Debut Novel!

THE TETHERED MAGE was shortlisted for a BookNest Fantasy Award for Best Debut novel!

The Quill to Live called THE DEFIANT HEIR one of the best books of 2018!

Espresso Coco included THE TETHERED MAGE in their Books of the Year (Fantasy) post for 2018!

Acquisition Announcement: Orbit Books will be publishing my second trilogy, set in the world of Swords & Fire! Read the announcement here!

News Roundup: 2017

As I redesign my webpage, I’m consolidating my old News page into posts by year. So get in your time machine, and check out my news from 2017, the year The Tethered Mage released!

I’ll continue to add a page per year until I’m caught up to the present, at which point I’ll switch to posting news roundups around book releases or as the occasion demands. Thanks for your patience as I bring my website up to date!

I Have a Patreon!

So yesterday I put together a Patreon, something I’ve been mulling for a while!

Here’s a bit more info about it…

TL;DR: It has two basic purposes: 1) Bonus content related to my books, and 2) A place to gather all my writing advice posts (mostly from Twitter)!

Writing posts: I’m going to keep doing my writing threads on Twitter first, and those will always be freely available if you search for them! But I always wanted to pull them together in one place, and having the Patreon will nudge me to actually find the time to DO that because people are paying me. 

A few key posts will be free/public, like this one with advice for beginning writers finishing their first novels and looking ahead at the possibility of publishing.

Bonus Content: So this entire Patreon idea was basically motivated by me really wanting to do some cute little epilogue scenes & snippets & doodles imagining life for my Swords & Fire characters after the end of the series (or going into their backstories before it). 

There will absolutely be some of that, as time allows! And there will also be little peeks behind the scenes into my mess of supporting files (notes, cut scenes, etc), occasional little teasers about stuff I’m writing currently, etc.

I’m also doing a sort of monthly-ish mini-newsletter with updates, and there may be occasional pet pics & such.

Frequency of updates overall may vary depending on whether I’ve got deadlines coming up or not! (But I’m going to try to schedule stuff out to avoid big gaps.)

So that’s the idea! We’ll see how this adventure goes. Thank you to anyone who decides to join me on it! 

How I Accidentally Wrote a Love Triangle [SPOILERS for Swords & Fire!]

OKAY it’s been long enough since THE UNBOUND EMPIRE came out! I’m finally ready to make my tell-all post about Amalia’s romance arc in the Swords & Fire series! WOOHOO!!!!!! GET READY!!!!!!


DO NOT READ THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOU FINISH THE UNBOUND EMPIRE. I mean it! You will be SO SPOILED, and not just on Amalia’s romantic choices. If you haven’t read the whole trilogy, STOP HERE.
















(No, really, this is INCREDIBLY SPOILERY. If you haven’t read THE UNBOUND EMPIRE, turn back now.)












(Okay, you’ve read TUE? Yes? Almost there, then, keep scrolling!)







I never meant to write a love triangle. I swear. I don’t even LIKE love triangles! (Well, mostly. I can think of a few that were pretty cool.)

I originally wrote THE TETHERED MAGE as a standalone YA novel. In those early drafts, Amalia & Marcello wound up together at the end, yay! Happy ending!

…Yeah, so, obviously STUFF CHANGED. TTM became the first book of an adult fantasy trilogy. Amalia’s arc became something completely different—about taking responsibility rather than bucking authority. It couldn’t be a simple feel-good WOOHOO LOVE CONQUERS ALL, SCREW YOU MOM, I DO WHAT I WANT ending. And her romance arc had to span three books, not just one, so it couldn’t resolve so quickly.

So, okay, no problem! When I sat down to plot out Book Two, I figured aha, clearly I must give her a serious political courtship/marriage prospect. She’ll have to weigh love against duty! It’ll be great!

But I can’t just make him some jerk she should obviously reject, I thought. That’d be too easy. This has to be  a hard choice, pitting personal preference against political necessity. And then I thought OOOOOOOH, I’LL MAKE HIM A WITCH LORD!


(Yes, I do think in all caps, in fact, WHAT OF IT?)

And then I started writing Kathe and suddenly it was WHO ARE YOU WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH MY PLOT WAIT STOP PUT THAT DOWN!!!

So yeah, Kathe kind of took off on me, and I wound up unexpectedly adoring him. BUT it was still clear to me (and you are welcome to disagree with me, seriously, it’s completely subjective) that Amalia would be happier with Marcello.

And then as I was writing THE DEFIANT HEIR, it kind of sank in that Amalia’s arc was not really about what would make her happy.

OH SHIT, I thought, I HAVE TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. I wanted Amalia’s choice to be genuinely difficult, and for readers to not know what she was going to do, or even necessarily what they WANTED her to do. Which meant the choice had to be hard and unclear for me, too.

So I made a decision, partway through drafting THE DEFIANT HEIR: I was not going to make this choice now. I had NO IDEA if she would wind up with Kathe or Marcello. NONE. I wrote and edited the whole book not knowing. My editor asked me if I knew, and I was like NOPE. NO CLUE.

Then it came time to plot out Book Three. And I had to make my choice.

CRAP CRAP CRAP, I thought.


But I knew (and, uh, my agent reminded me) that would be a cop out in this particular case, much as I might consider polyamory a fine solution to many love triangles. That wasn’t where this story and these characters were going. It would be me just gratifying myself (okay, and some of my readers) and letting me and Amalia dodge making our choice.

(But, you know, if someone wants to write that fanfic, HAVE AT.)

So anyway, I did what any reasonable writer would do: I TOTALLY PANICKED. I wrote my agent an email basically going HELP I WROTE MYSELF INTO A LOVE TRIANGLE AND NOW I HAVE TO GET OUT OF IT WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO.

My agent (Naomi Davis, who is awesome, by the way) gave me all sorts of incredibly good advice about stuff like tying the romance arc inextricably into the story, upping the stakes, doing something unpredictable, and generally being REALLY MEAN…but ultimately threw the decision RIGHT BACK INTO MY LAP. (Where, to be fair, it belonged.) I wasn’t getting out of this one. I had to figure this out myself.

I knew I wanted to pull Marcello back into the center of the plot. I knew I wanted to up the stakes and make Amalia’s choice EVEN HARDER. And I knew that ultimately, what happened with the romance arc had to be an important part of Amalia’s overall character arc. It couldn’t be, like, her fun little dessert plotline where she just has to choose which delicious flavor of ice cream she wants today.

Aaaaand that’s when I got the horrible idea of turning Marcello into a chimera. I was actually partway through a draft where that was TOTALLY NOT A THING, and suddenly here was this idea which would CHANGE EVERYTHING. The whole focus of the book, Amalia’s arc, the ending, everything.


So of course, I knew I had to do it.

And that made it EVEN HARDER to decide who she’d wind up with at the end, and I waffled for a long time. But ultimately, I knew that Amalia’s entire arc was about growing into her role and accepting her responsibilities and everything that came with them. And that meant going with the political choice after all (who, HEY, happened to be a hot Crow Lord, so COULD BE WORSE!).

I also wanted to show that complicated intersection of life and romance we face in reality, and to reinforce that you absolutely can love multiple people but have to make complicated life choices about who you can be with. That it isn’t all about finding your One True Love and having that magically fix all your problems (though it can be nice to escape into that fantasy). I never meant to write a love triangle, and I still honestly don’t quite think of it as a love triangle—more like a love/duty/politics/look-it’s-complicated POLYGON of some kind. And when I started thinking it all through, I realized that just as Amalia couldn’t achieve her full growth if she backed down from political duty and chose Marcello, Marcello couldn’t achieve his full growth with Amalia. He has his own important goals and ambitions, his purpose and career, and ways he wants to shape the world into a better place. He has more to become than just Amalia’s shadow.

It was really important to me to show that Marcello would be okay, though. And that’s where the scene with Istrella poking him in the eye came from. (Also because SHE TOTALLY WOULD DO IT—THANKS, ISTRELLA.) I didn’t have any room at the end of the book to show more than that, but I really hope to at some point write some epilogue short stories or something (or maybe more books someday, you never know, but at LEAST some short stories or vignettes) giving you more of a glimpse into how things pan out for all the core Swords & Fire characters!

In the process of plotting, I considered so many options. Having Amalia wind up with Marcello, with Kathe, with both, with neither. Killing off one or both of them. I went with the story that felt the most true to me—the most satisfying, if not necessarily the happiest (but TOTALLY NOT THE SADDEST OPTION either, I assure you). But all those alternate endings were possible—they could have happened—and if you prefer one of them, I totally encourage you to have that headcanon or write that fanfic!

And if you’re hoping to find out more about how things wind up going for Kathe and Amalia, well, I didn’t want to drop too strong of a hint in THE OBSIDIAN TOWER (which takes place 150 years later), because I want people to be able to read the trilogies in either order and I don’t want to spoil anything. But there MIGHT be a super subtle hint in there as an easter egg for Swords & Fire readers, and I MIGHT be hoping to add more such hints in the rest of the new series.

(PS: I totally don’t know where the romance arc is going to wind up in the new trilogy, either, for entirely different reasons. WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS TO MYSELF?!)

Happy reading!

Swords & Fire Fan Art (& More) Contest!

There is NOTHING I love more than fan art, so I’m having a contest! Prizes will at minimum include an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of my new novel in the Swords & Fire universe, THE OBSIDIAN TOWER (not out until June, but you can get it early if you win)! Plus, I’ll add more prizes if I get a lot of entries!

The details:

INTERNATIONAL CONTEST! Since this contest is all about my awesome readers, I want to include ALL of them!

WIDE DEFINITION OF ART! Entries can include memes, stick figures, cosplay photos, quote calligraphy, Incorrect Swords & Fire tweets, aesthetic boards, etc. All skill levels acceptable!

MULTIPLE PRIZES! If I can get enough entries, I’ll add more prizes! I’ll start with an ARC of THE OBSIDIAN TOWER, but if I get a really great response I’ll add stuff like signed books, an annotated/doodled book, Skype call, etc. Stay tuned for further prize announcements!

TIMEFRAME: The contest will run 1 month, to give time for people to create stuff (and for me to hopefully add prizes/annotate a book/etc if I get enough entries). Winner(s) will be picked on March 9.

HOW TO ENTER: Reply to the top tweet in this thread with your art or a link to it! OR, if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can use my contact form to email me a link to your art that I can post to the Twitter thread for you.


  • One entry per person (you can post more than one thing if you want, but it only counts as one entry)
  • You can enter Swords & Fire art you already did earlier; doesn’t have to be new
  • Art can be any media but MUST pertain to the Swords & Fire trilogy/characters
  • If there is one prize, I will select a random winner from entrants. If there are multiple prizes, I may pick my favorites for some/all of the additional prizes!
  • I may retweet your art to squee over it and show it to the world, but I will not repost or reuse it, only share YOUR tweet/link
  • If you take commissions and want to include a link to your web page in your entry tweet or otherwise plug your work that is TOTALLY COOL

Let me know if you have any questions! I CANNOT WAIT to see your entries!!!