New Book Announcement!

I have HUGE NEWS!!! Check out this acquisition announcement from Orbit…I can finally talk about my new book!!!

It’s like Mask of the Red Death meets Groundhog Day, if the protagonist was a professional badass new mom on maternity leave who gets stuck in a murder time loop at a fancy party! And she has to work with her cat burglar nemesis as they sink through increasingly weird and dangerous layers of reality!

I love this book so much and am SO EXCITED that I can talk about it at last!!!!!!!!!!

Look for THE LAST HOUR BETWEEN WORLDS in winter 2024!

Author Copies of THE IVORY TOMB!!!

I got my author copies of THE IVORY TOMB today!!!

They’re so beautiful!!! I’m just so grateful to Lisa Marie Pompilio (designer) and Peter Bollinger (artist) for this incredible cover, and to the team at Orbit for making the whole book so gorgeous.

Getting to finally hold my book in physical form is always a really emotional experience and never stops being magical! It really makes the whole thing real and feels like such an accomplishment! I can’t wait to share this book with all of you!!!

The Unbound Audiobook At Last!

Today THE UNBOUND EMPIRE (book 3 of Swords & Fire) is finally out in audio!!! I’m so incredibly glad to be able to share the end of this series with my audio readers at last.

Three years ago, when THE UNBOUND EMPIRE came out, I had no idea that the audio publisher for the first 2 books wasn’t going to do the 3rd. When I did find out, I was devastated, since I know I have many readers who for a wide variety of reasons ranging from life circumstances to disabilities find it difficult or impossible to read print books. The idea that my audio readers wouldn’t get to find out how the series ends was heartbreaking to me. I couldn’t even make an audio version myself, because I didn’t own the audio rights.

But I never gave up, and neither did my agent, and eventually Blackstone (who does the Rooks & Ruin audiobooks) acquired the rights to THE UNBOUND EMPIRE and made the audiobook, bringing back the same wonderful narrator who did the first two, Saskia Maarleveld! And today, I finally get to share it with you!!!

Thank you so much to all my audio readers for your patience, and I hope it’s worth the wait!

[UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that the audio release may be US only! I don’t actually have any more details than the general public on this, but unfortunately it looks like UK readers may unfortunately still lack an audio version. Fingers crossed to get one someday soon!]

Here it is on Libro fm and Audible!

Anthology Alert!

I have a short story in DON’T TOUCH THAT, this delightful SFF parenting anthology! I was excited to participate because so often in SFF parents are absent, dead, evil, or (if we’re lucky) just off adventuring on their own. It’s rare that we get to see them BEING parents while also having adventures! As an adventure mom myself, I’m always particularly excited to see characters like that, so getting to write this short story was extra fun.

A ton of really fantastic authors have contributed, most of them parents themselves! I’m honored to have my work appear alongside theirs. My story, “Called to the Office,” is about a hero mom who has to attend a meeting with the headmaster of the hero school because her kid (a student there) is in trouble. Contains a pragmatic badass mom, her sentient sword offering commentary from the peanut gallery, an impulsive but good kid, and some magical surprises. Enjoy!

Finally, an Audiobook for THE UNBOUND EMPIRE!

I’m absolutely thrilled to finally be able to announce that there will be an audiobook for The Unbound Empire!

For years, the single question I get asked most often has been “When will there be an audiobook for The Unbound Empire?” And every reply has been so hard, because the truth was that my publisher decided not to make an audiobook for TUE when it originally released, and I had no control over that decision. The audio rights for the book sold along with the print rights, so I no longer have the legal right to decide what happens or doesn’t happen with an audio version of that book—I couldn’t even make one myself! It was heartbreaking to have to tell readers who rely on audio that I had no idea whether they’d ever get to experience the end of the story.

But now I can finally answer that question with a resounding YES, there will be an audiobook, and it releases this October!

I’m so excited to share that the audio rights were picked up by my audio publisher for Rooks & Ruin, Blackstone Publishing! You can preorder now or buy it when it comes out from the audiobook venue of your choice!

Buy The Unbound Empire from (I personally use because I love that the profits go to independent bookstores instead of a big corporation!)

Buy The Unbound Empire from Audible

I can’t wait to share this book with my audio readers at last!!! Happy listening!


BEHOLD this absolutely glorious cover designed by Lisa Marie Pompilio with art by Peter Bollinger! I love it SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Design: Lisa Marie Pompilio. Art: Peter Bollinger

I have been incredibly fortunate to get absolute cover SORCERESS Lisa Marie Pompilio for all my books so far. Every time I think “She can’t possibly match the last one, it was SO GOOD,” and every time she and the incredible, breathtakingly talented artists rise to the challenge.

I love so many things about this cover! I love how tactile it is, all the BONES, the nods to previous books, the little subtle hints about things in this one! I’m so extremely excited to finally be able to share it with all of you!!!

I also can’t wait to share the book itself, but alas, we must wait until December for that. (I’m working on copyedits even now!) You can preorder it now, though!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve just learned that The Tethered Mage ebook was picked as a Kindle Monthly Deal, and will be on sale on Amazon US for the month of March for $2.99!

Better yet, Barnes & Noble appears to be matching that price, at least for now, if you prefer to buy from a bookstore!

If you’ve been thinking of picking up the ebook, now is a great time to grab it!

Also, a huge, heartfelt thanks to all my readers for giving this little book enough staying power that it’s still drawing this kind of interest nearly five years later even though it was never a big splashy marketing kind of title. Your word of mouth has made all the difference. Thank you!!!

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