Events, Interviews, and More

Pardon our appearance while I’m in the process of updating my web page! I’m adding past interviews, recorded panels, podcast guest appearances, essays, guest posts, and the like, organized by year. This page will also include listings of future events and appearances up top for easy reference!

Recorded Past Events

Flights of Foundry 2020 Panel – When Conflict Becomes Combat – This was a fun panel in which we talked about writing fight scenes! Watch it here.

Conversation with John Skovron – I had a great conversation with Jon Skovron on Orbit Live, taking questions from the virtual audience! This event has ended, but you can view the recording of it here.

Orbit Live with Jon Skovron

From Boys in Outer Space to Magical Girls & Guillotines: Queer Voices in Science Fiction & Fantasy I had the honor to be on this wonderful Social Distance Book Fest panel! You can watch it here.

Reddit AMA – On June 2, I did an AMA on r/fantasy! I had some great questions & a good time. You can read it here.

2020 Interviews and Appearances

Orbit Live with John Skovron – I had a lovely live (virtual) Q & A session with Jon Skovron (even if my cat did bite me onscreen!). You can see the recorded video of it here.

A OK Podcast Interview – I did an interview with A OK Podcast, talking about my personal experiences as an ace spec writer and human.

2019 Interviews and Appearances

Bestseller Experiment Podcast – I had a lovely talk with The Bestseller Experiment about the steps of the editing process on their podcast. Teaser here!

Fantasy Focus Podcast – I was recently a guest on the Fantasy Focus podcast and discussed a wide variety of things.

Reverie & Ink Interview – I did a really fun interview with Brittney of Reverie and Ink! Read the full interview on her blog, or see some of the best excerpts with pretty graphics and a video intro on Instagram.

Fantasy Inn Interview – I did a fun interview with The Fantasy Inn in which I talk about my ideal battlegown.

2018 Interviews and Posts

Here’s my iconic Twitter thread on swordfighting in ballgowns:

Girls in Capes Interview – I did a fun interview with Girls in Capes for International Women’s Day.

BookPage Joint Interview with Rowenna Miller – Rowenna Miller (author of TORN) and I did a joint interview with BookPage on fighting in ballgowns and more!

Fantasy Cafe Guest Post – I did a guest post at Fantasy Cafe about swordfighting in ballgowns for their Women in SFF month.

2017 Interviews, Essays, and Videos

Book Geeks Uncompromised interviewed me on their podcast about THE TETHERED MAGE.

Orbit Debut Authors Reddit AMA – I recently did a Reddit AMA with the other Orbit debut authors, and it was great fun, full of silliness and writing advice. Interview – Here’s an interview where I rave about Fullmetal Alchemist and talk about the Venetian influences on THE TETHERED MAGE at

Reading for Fun Essay – I did a guest post on the B&N science fiction & fantasy blog about reading for entertainment being super important and awesome.

Character Deaths in Shakespeare vs SFF – I wrote an essay about character deaths in Shakespeare vs. in modern fantasy & science fiction for BookRiot.

Sci Fi Now Interview – Great interview about THE TETHERED MAGE with SciFiNow.

Qwillery Interview – I did a fun interview with The Qwillery here.

Orbit Video Interview – Here’s a short video interview about THE TETHERED MAGE I did at the Orbit offices.

Interview (audio) – I talk mages, writing, and world building with Stephen Aryan, author of MAGEBORN and the Battlemage series, in this audio interview.