I’ve just learned that The Tethered Mage ebook was picked as a Kindle Monthly Deal, and will be on sale on Amazon US for the month of March for $2.99!

Better yet, Barnes & Noble appears to be matching that price, at least for now, if you prefer to buy from a bookstore!

If you’ve been thinking of picking up the ebook, now is a great time to grab it!

Also, a huge, heartfelt thanks to all my readers for giving this little book enough staying power that it’s still drawing this kind of interest nearly five years later even though it was never a big splashy marketing kind of title. Your word of mouth has made all the difference. Thank you!!!

Published by Melissa Caruso

Fantasy author of the Swords & Fire trilogy: THE TETHERED MAGE (Orbit, 2017), THE DEFIANT HEIR (Orbit, 2018), and THE UNBOUND EMPIRE (Orbit, 2019), as well as the Rooks and Ruin trilogy, beginning with THE OBSIDIAN TOWER (Orbit, 2020). Melissa's debut, THE TETHERED MAGE, was shortlisted for the Gemmell Morningstar Award in 2017. Melissa loves tea, adventure, and the great outdoors, and has been known to swordfight in ballgowns. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two superlative daughters, and assorted pets. Represented by Naomi Davis of BookEnds.

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