Writing Goals for 2019

It’s 2019! Woo hoo! A new year! I like to set writing goals (rather than resolutions, which are WAY too all-or-nothing for my taste) for each new year, to give myself a direction to focus my energies. I know I won’t completely achieve every one of these to the fullest extent, but I’m going toContinue reading “Writing Goals for 2019”


My debut novel is out in the world! HOLY CRAP! It’s been a wild month. My debut moment has both been everything I hoped it would be and nothing like I thought it would be. You have to understand that I’ve wanted to be a published author since I was in kindergarten. For a fairContinue reading “IT’S HERE!!!”

So Many Drafts

Hey there, writers in the trenches! Let’s have a little talk about tweedle beetles drafts. Specifically, numbers of drafts. I know that when I started out writing novels, I had no idea how many drafts a book went through before it got published. Thinking back on it now, I get all Ming the Merciless andContinue reading “So Many Drafts”

Success Over 40 and Other Mythical Creatures

So, there was some talk recently about whether you’re washed up as a writer after a certain age and do you have to get published in your twenties and when should you give up and blah blah blah. I think a lot of people have said what needs to be said—which comes down to IT’SContinue reading “Success Over 40 and Other Mythical Creatures”

My 2016 Writing Life In Review, One Email Quote at a Time

2016 may have sucked for humanity, but it was pretty awesome for my writing career. As the year draws to a close, just for fun, here’s a look back on my 2016 writing life through email quotes! I always am fascinated at anything writers, editors, or agents post about submission and publishing timeline stuff, becauseContinue reading “My 2016 Writing Life In Review, One Email Quote at a Time”

Write Like the Terminator

You want to get published? Here’s how: be like the Terminator. The more time I spend immersed in the writing community, the clearer it becomes that a writer’s cardinal virtue is persistence. Many other talents, skills, and qualities will help you on your road, but it’s persistence that will get you there. Anecdotally, it’s veryContinue reading “Write Like the Terminator”

2014: The Year of the Phoenix

It was the year of fire, the year of destruction. The year we took back what was ours. It was a new age. It was the end of history. It was the year everything changed. The year was 2014. The place: Babylo…. wait. No, this is about my writing career. But yeah, it was aContinue reading “2014: The Year of the Phoenix”