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Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving is here, so it’s time for some gratitude! I’m thankful for a ton of stuff in my life, of course, but here are some things I’m thankful for as a writer:

A husband who supports my writing career and understands the time it takes.

Kids who totally have my back, including an eldest who beta-reads for me.

Amazing CPs and beta readers who give truly insightful and useful feedback.

A writing community that never ceases to be incredibly supportive and full of deep wisdom and awesomeness.

An agent who totally GETS my writing, suggests brilliant edits, is both professional and easy to talk to, and is an all-around fantastic champion.

Writing can be a lonely muse, but WOW is it better and easier and plain more successful when you have awesome people backing you up. I am so glad to have all of you. Thank you.

Agents Day!

Happy Agents Day to all the wonderful literary agents out there! And especially to my amazing agent, Naomi Davis of Inklings Literary.

I read these posts when I was looking for more info on agents, so let me tell you querying writers out there a few of the many things I love about Naomi:

Enthusiasm: Having an agent who is genuinely stoked about your work is the best feeling in the world.

Professionalism: I know I’m in great hands with Naomi. I can trust her with my book and my career without any worries or qualms.

Communicativeness: Naomi is wonderfully responsive, and has an uncanny knack for sending me updates and check-ins at the exact right time.

Creative partnership: Brainstorming with Naomi is awesome. She really GETS my book, and has the best insights for revisions and future directions. And when she’s made suggestions that didn’t feel quite right to me, and I’ve come back with “How about THIS instead?”, she’s always been like “YES! Even better!”

I could go on and on, but I only have a few minutes to make this post, so I have to stop there. Suffice to say, she’s AWESOME.

I’m so glad to have such a fantastic agent in my corner. Thank you, Naomi, for everything you do.

Giving Thanks

You know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child?” Well, it takes a village to make a writer, too.

While writing a novel is one of the few grand creative endeavors you can actually accomplish alone, doing it right without losing your mind requires an extensive support team. I’m thankful for mine — they are all amazing.

My dad, who always encouraged me as a writer, including buying me my first copy of Writer’s Market in fourth grade.

My husband, who is amazingly understanding about allowing me writing time, even when it comes out of our time together.

My kids, who read my stuff and give me suggestions, and are incredibly enthusiastic in their support of my writing career.

My friends, who are always happy to vote on titles, help me come up with pitches, or generally root for me.

My CPs and beta readers, who are so incredibly generous with their time and give me feedback which is worth its weight in plutonium. These guys are seriously amazing.

The writing community, which is so generous with time and knowledge — sharing writing tips, running contests, putting together agent information, providing moral support, and always lifting each other up instead of pushing each other down.

My agent, whose enthusiasm for my book is as fantastic as her responsiveness and insight.

Thank you all. You guys are awesome.