The Dreaded Vagueness

Whenever I did pitch workshops of any kind, I kept seeing the same crucial piece of feedback appear over and over again, both on my own pitches and others’: don’t be vague. If you read a bunch of query or pitch feedback by people who know what they’re talking about, one thing rapidly becomes apparent:Continue reading “The Dreaded Vagueness”

(Not) Doing the Dumb Thing

Last night, I basically had this conversation with my main character: Me: I need you to do this thing. MC: Hell no. That’s stupid. Why would I do that? Me: Well, you can’t deny you want to do it. MC: Sure, but it’s risky and dumb. No thanks. Me: It’s OK. I promise nothing badContinue reading “(Not) Doing the Dumb Thing”

Subtle Revisions

I’m working on revisions now, and one thing I’m running into a lot is scenes where something has subtly changed in this revision. Maybe a character knows something earlier than they did in the previous draft, or their relationship with another character has changed, or the previous scene they just came from had a differentContinue reading “Subtle Revisions”

Dear Newbie Querier Me: Part One – Do It In the Right Order

While I was querying the book that landed me my awesome agent, there were several moments when I wished I could go back in time and give Past Me querying tips. I don’t possess the power of time travel (which is just as well, really, as I’d age myself out of existence in short orderContinue reading “Dear Newbie Querier Me: Part One – Do It In the Right Order”