Honest Answers to Querying Writer FAQs

For fun, here are some honest answers to the questions querying (or pre-querying) writers REALLY frequently ask. Q. Is my book any good? A. Yes. But it could be better. Q. OK, is my book good enough? A. WRONG QUESTION! It’s never good enough. Back to the revision pits! Q. How do I make this book better? I’ve lookedContinue reading “Honest Answers to Querying Writer FAQs”

Dramatic Tension Part 1: Layers of Tension

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about dramatic tension. I think manipulating dramatic tension is just as important as plot, character, and voice, but it doesn’t seem to get talked about as often. Yet dramatic tension is often the biggest factor that keeps me reading—it’s what makes a book un-put-down-able. It’s how writersContinue reading “Dramatic Tension Part 1: Layers of Tension”

Keep Revising: The Best Advice No Writer Wants to Hear

Every time I start a new round of revisions or edits, I save off a new version of my book. That way, if I decide I liked something better the old way, or want to salvage some language from a scene I cut two versions ago, it’s easy to go back and find what IContinue reading “Keep Revising: The Best Advice No Writer Wants to Hear”

Subtle Revisions

I’m working on revisions now, and one thing I’m running into a lot is scenes where something has subtly changed in this revision. Maybe a character knows something earlier than they did in the previous draft, or their relationship with another character has changed, or the previous scene they just came from had a differentContinue reading “Subtle Revisions”