Monthly Archives: September 2015

Writing Time

Time is a tricky thing. I’ve had lots of friends ask me how I find the time to write, as a mom with a day job and various other commitments and responsibilities.

The answer has always been simple: sacrifices. There are so many hours in a day. If you’re serious about writing, that writing time has to come from somewhere. Work, sleep, time with family, relaxation time—every writer is giving something up to bring their stories into the world.

I’ve promised myself not to sacrifice family time. Work and sleep sometimes take hits, but I try to take their claims on my day seriously. I mostly don’t watch TV anymore—that was an easy thing to give up compared to the other options, though sometimes I hear about a really awesome show and have regrets. (Someday, like when my kids go off to college or I retire, I am going to have a hell of a catch up TV marathon.)

I have my routine, and have usually fit in writing in the evenings, before bed, plus whatever other hours I can steal throughout the day. This Fall, a new school schedule for my kids has taken away that evening time (I have to get to bed earlier), and I’m working on forging new habits, carving out a new inviolate writing time I can count on every day.

There will be new sacrifices, no doubt. But that’s okay. Everything worth having costs something. Stories are no exception.