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Top Ten Best Things About Having an Agent

Ever wondered what it’s like being an agented writer? Well, in the spirit of David Letterman, I’m here to tell you the top ten best things about it.

10. Finally have something to put on author web page

9. Sound like a pretentious ass when you say “my agent” at parties

8. 15% discount at participating Starbucks

7. Someone awesome has your back in case you’re attacked by hungry bears

6. Eligible to judge pitch contests instead of working on your WIP

5. High-tech gadgets from Q

4. Learn secret Agented Author Handshake: shake, mysterious smile, then uncontrollable sobbing

3. Access to “Agented Writers Only” bathrooms at airport

2. Only need to be neurotic about emails from one specific person

1. Now that you’ve finally climbed that hill, can see 9328 more goddamn hills